Terms of membership of "Urgut" SEZ

Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 10, 2017 No. 196 "On measures for the establishment of free economic zones" "about" free economic zones in accordance with Annex 4.

The following documents must be submitted:
I. Application for investment in the production of products in the territory of "Urgut" SEZ;

II. Certificate of registration of a legal entity (investor);

III. Business plan of the proposed investment project;

Information about the investor's experience in this or similar projects; If there is no experience in the relevant field and similar projects, the investor will provide the directorate with information about technological partners participating in the implementation of the investment project.

V. Information on the financial and economic activity of the investor in the last three years. If the financial and economic activities have not been carried out or less than one year, the investor shall provide the directorate with information on the financial and economic activities of one co-founder of the investor.

VI. According to sources of financing, if you need a bank loan, you must submit an agreement with the commercial bank that provides the service.
(All submitted documents must be in certified duplicates and on CD / DVD media)

The following basic information should be reflected in the business plan presented to the management:

  • name, volumes and types of products planned for production;
  • expected value of sales and production markets, production and export volumes;
  • Infrastructure and engineering facilities necessary for the implementation of the proposed project;
  • the proposed size of the plot within the SEZ for rational production of products;
  • Scheme of production location where the main production facilities, equipment and production lines, administrative and household appliances, warehouses and other buildings are located;
  • availability of raw material base and guaranteed availability of raw materials and materials during project implementation;
  • Characteristics of the proposed production technology taking into account ecological requirements;
  • information about the intended trademark;
  • economic efficiency calculations, as well as the most effective technical, organizational and economic solutions for the implementation of the investment project;
  • the amount, type and duration of planned investments, sources of financing and expected support in attracting debt funds;
  • According to the Code of Foreign Economic Activities of the Republic of Uzbekistan (TIF 2012 code), the change of the product position of the final product at the level of localization of production and in one of the first 4 digits compared to the initial raw material. ;
  • characteristics of the technological equipment used in production, its compliance with modern technological requirements, implementation of the management system in accordance with international standards in the investment project;
  • the number of jobs created;

Filling at least 95% of the total number of employees with employees from the Republic of Uzbekistan, giving them the opportunity to gain experience and improve their skills.

Prohibited types of activities in the territory of special economic zones
The following types of activities are prohibited in the territory of special economic zones:

  • production that does not meet environmental and labor protection standards;
  • production of weapons and ammunition, trade in weapons and ammunition;
  • production of nuclear materials and radioactive substances, trade in nuclear materials and radioactive substances;
  • production of alcohol and tobacco products;
  • processing raw hides, feeding or slaughtering animals;
  • production of products from cement, concrete, cement clinker, brick, reinforced concrete slabs, coal, lime and gypsum;
  • processing, decomposition, burning, gasification, chemical treatment, final and (or) temporary storage and (or) underground burial of all types of waste;
  • placement of points and facilities for storage, disposal and processing of oil refineries, nuclear power plants, nuclear facilities, radiation sources, spent nuclear fuel, radioactive substances and waste, as well as other radioactive waste.

By the decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan or the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, prohibitions and restrictions may be established in relation to certain types of activities in the territory of special economic zones.


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