Obtaining a license for legal entities

Article 14 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Licensing Certain Types of Activities" lists the documents required for obtaining a license.

Application for obtaining a license - for the following - for a legal entity - name and organizational legal form of a legal entity, location (postal address), name of a banking institution and account number of a banking institution; for an individual - surname, first name and patronymic, data of a citizen's identity document; type of licensable activity (part of it) intended for implementation by a legal entity or individual, as well as this type of activity in cases provided for by law. The license application may contain the e-mail address of the license applicant;

a document confirming that the fee has been paid by the licensing body for the consideration of the license applicant's application in the cases provided for by law;
documents confirming that the license applicant can meet the requirements and conditions for obtaining a license for certain types of activity, as well as other documents specified by law.
It is not allowed to require the applicant for a license to submit other documents that are not provided for in this Law and other legal documents on licensing certain types of activities.

The license applicant sends the documents necessary for obtaining a license to the licensing authority directly, by mail or in electronic form with a notification of receipt. Documents submitted in electronic form are confirmed by the electronic digital signature of the license applicant. The fact that the e-mail address of the license applicant is indicated in the license application is considered as his consent to receive electronic notification of the decision on his application through the information system.

Documents submitted to the relevant licensing authority for obtaining a license are accepted according to the list and a copy of the list is sent.


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