Rights of foreign investors

Foreign investor and their rights

A foreign investor has the following rights:

самостоятельное определение объемов, видов и направлений инвестирования;

conclusion of agreements with legal entities and individuals on investment activities;

own, use and dispose of their investments and the results of investment activities. By decision of a foreign investor, the rights of ownership, use and disposal of investments and their results can be transferred to other legal entities and individuals in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. When rights pass to another person, the relationship between the parties is governed by agreements;

Independent decision-making on patenting own inventions, utility models and industrial designs obtained as a result of investment activities in the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad and in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

independent and free disposal of income from investment activities after paying taxes and other obligatory payments (including its unhindered repatriation);

Attracting funds to the Republic of Uzbekistan in the form of credits and loans;

use of funds in national currency on your account to purchase foreign currency in the domestic foreign exchange market;

acquisition of rights to land in cases and under the conditions provided for by law;

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the use of property and any property rights for their property rights as security for all types of obligations, including debt obligations;

receive proportional compensation in case of requisition of own investments and other property;

recover damages caused by unlawful actions (inaction) and decisions of state administration bodies, local public administration bodies and their officials.

– In the Republic of Uzbekistan, there are no restrictions on investing in industries or regions of the economy in which foreign direct investment is directed.

Legal institutions created to protect the rights of foreign investors

– On January 1, 2007, the Law “On Arbitration Courts” came into force, which served as the legal basis for the creation of arbitration courts in the country, their permanent and temporary activities. Thus, in addition to the existing means of protecting the rights and guarantees of foreign investors, arbitration courts can be created in the country by agreement of the parties with the involvement of independent experts representing the interests of both parties.

At the same time, the Ministry of Justice is entrusted with the task of ensuring the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of foreign investors and enterprises with foreign investments. For this purpose, the Department of Legal Protection of Enterprises with Foreign Investors and Foreign Investments has been established under the Ministry of Justice.

The International Commercial Arbitration (Arbitration) Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan was established and registered in accordance with the decision of the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 1. 2011. It was registered by the Ministry of Justice on February 15, 2011. Acts in accordance with the laws, regulations and rules of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan", "On Arbitration Courts". .

At the following link you will find a list of economic courts of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Russian and Uzbek:

You can familiarize yourself with the Economic Procedural Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the following link:

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